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We're all about original artwork. You'll find no copies, no prints, and no limited editions here. Every piece of art on canvasmatch is a one-off, custom-made piece of art. Art commissioned just for you. Check it out!

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what people are saying about canvasmatch:

"I was a little apprehensive about commissioning my first piece of art, but canvasmatch was so simple that I needn't have worried. The ability to communicate with the artists throughout the bidding process was wonderful."

Michael D commissioned Sarah Nations for "Mr. Darcy’s Proposal" as a present for his wife.

"Working with canvasmatch was a very enjoyable experience. Seina did an amazing job of taking a few pictures of our kittens and turning them into an incredible piece of art that now hangs on top of our bed."

Kevin Martin commissioned Seina Fowler to create "Christmas Kimo" as a Christmas gift.

"Bidding on a canvas opportunity was straightforward and professional. Working with a client over the internet was a new experience for me, but the communication page made it easy to discuss our ideas and share progress pictures and updates. I was also impressed with how private and secure the payment process was."

Cat Pope, Artist.

"Canvasmatch has helped me connect with clients but also to meet great people. I know that when I'm finished the artwork will really mean a lot to someone. All of my canvases have turned out great and there were many very happy customers. I've even found new topics that I really enjoy painting."

Sarah Nations, Artist.

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