This style does not contain any representative content. The painting is sometimes centered around an emotion, scene, or event. On other occassions the painting can merely be an expression of certain colors or forms.

All methods, techniques, and colors are acceptable under this style.


Jackson Pollock
Franz Kline
Mark Rothko
Kenneth Noland
Kasimir Malevich
Theo Van Doesburg
Paul Klee
Piet Mondrian
Robert Motherwell
Barnett Newman
Josef Albers
Philip Guston


Hard-edge and Minimal



No. 5 by Pollock (1945)

Onement 1 by Newman (1948)

Painting Number 2 by Kline (1954)

Homage to the Square by Albers (1965)

Composition No. 10 by Mondrian (1939-1942)

Beginning by Noland (1958)

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