This visual style is made up of elements of reality in an abstract sense. The focus is more on the essence of the subject matter, rather than visual accuracy.

All colors, textures, mediums, and techniques can be used to create this style.


Joan Miro
Pablo Picasso
Willem de Kooning
Arshile Gorky
Wassily Kandinsky
Georges Braque
Kasimir Malevich
Roberto Matta


Abstract Expressionism
Lyrical Abstraction
Informal Abstraction



The Tilled Field by Miro (1924)

Three Musicians by Picasso (1921)

Woman V by de Kooning (1953)

The Liver is the Cock's Comb by Gorky (1944)

Composition VII by Kandinsky (1913)

Fruitdish and Glass by Braque (1912)

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