House in the Woods


Requested by: Walker Richardson
Born on: February 23, 2012

Style: realism
Medium: any
Colors: Most of the color will be green and brown with some blues, grays. Realistic colors.
Size: 12 x 18; Landscape

Needed by: Open timeframe
Destination: Sun Prairie, WI
Current Phase: Finished

bid details:

Total bids placed: 6

Winning artist: Katherine Scheld

Winning bid: $300

buyer request:

I'm looking for someone to put together a semi-realistic painting of my parent's house so I can give it to them as a gift. It does not need to be an exact replica, or photo-realist by any means. I want it to be recognizable but do not require a crazy amount of detail. The first photo is a close-up of the house, but I would like the point-of-view to be much more zoomed out, closer to the second photo. The vantage point I have in mind would be about 10-20ft off the ground from the second photo, high enough up to show some grass and the outline of the pool. Despite the fact that the photo was taken during the winter, it would be cool to have the final product look like summer with the background being a mix of trees. Please send me a message with any questions or feedback you may have that would help you with your bids. I may even throw up a sketch in the next few days.

 initial buyer uploads:

Initial canvas upload

Initial canvas upload

Initial canvas upload

Initial canvas upload

Initial canvas upload

Initial canvas upload

Initial canvas upload

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