Abstract Bedroom Painting


Requested by: Jenelle Gierhart
Born on: July 21, 2011 at 11:31:49 PM

Style: Abstract
Medium: Oil
Colors: Color
Size: 24 inches by 36 inches

Needed by: July 18th, 2011
Destination: Madison, Wisconsin
Current Phase: Finished

bid details:

Total bids placed: 4

Winning artist: Jake Gafner

Winning bid: $175

buyer request:

I'm looking for painting to fill the blank space in my bedroom. I would like it to be very colorful with lots of flowing lines. I want it so symbolize love; two people coming together. I don't really care if it has much texture or not. Just lots of colors and flowing lines.

 initial buyer uploads:

posted on July 21 at 11:49 PM

posted on July 21 at 11:50 PM

posted on July 21 at 11:53 PM

posted on July 21 at 11:55 PM

posted on July 21 at 11:55 PM

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