Flower: Abstract


Requested by: Larissa Gierhart
Born on: August 31, 2011 at 11:15:05 AM

Style: Abstract
Medium: Any
Colors: Color
Size: 12X12

Needed by: No time limit
Destination: Madison, WI
Current Phase: Finished

bid details:

Total bids placed: 7

Winning artist: Jake Gafner

Winning bid: $155

buyer request:

I would like to commission an artist to paint an abstract painting of a flower with the flower being the center piece of the painting. I would like the view to be of the flower with a stem in the center with many bright and bold colors around the flower. Below is an image of a painting that I like, but the artist has free range to be creative.

 initial buyer uploads:

Initial canvas upload

posted on November 26 at 3:55 PM

posted on December 21 at 8:50 PM

posted on June 19 at 7:49 PM

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