Paintings of this style are created with emotion and evoke emotion within the viewer. The coloring of the subject matter is typically indicative of the emotion. The lines and forms of the subjects also depict emotion.

The shapes, forms, and figures of the painting are generally clearly recognizeable. However they do not appear as genuine as they would in real life.

Many different textures, techniques and colors can be used. Bold colors and strong lines are common.


Edvard Munch
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Henri Matisse
Pablo Picasso
Max Beckmann
Franz Marc
Egon Schiele
El Greco
Elaine de Kooning


Expressionism 1
Expressionism 2
Abstract Expressionism
Figurative Expressionism

The Scream by Munch (1893)

Portrait of Madame Matisse by Matisse (1905)

The Large Blue Horses by Marc (1911)

Self Portrait as a Soldier by Kirchner (1915)

Carnival by Beckmann (1943)

Self Portrait by Schiele (1914)

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