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This is canvasmatch. It is an art platform that helps artists make money doing what they love while providing art buyers with unique, original artwork.

Well it's a bit too much to write here, but you can check out our how it works page for the whole shebang.

Signup is free. There are no membership fees. There are no hidden fees. There is no sleezy accounting.
We do charge artists a small fee for each canvas they complete.

Canvasmatch adopted the 30%/70% payment scheme that is common for commissioned artwork. The buyer pays 30% of the purchase price to the artist at the very beginning. This is a 'good faith' payment and helps the artist buy supplies. The final 70% is paid when the artwork is completed.

Buyers make their payments securely by credit or debit card. We then verify their information and funds before sending the money to the artist. Artists are paid by check, directly from canvasmatch. Artists, this is why we ask for your mailing address.

The artist is responsible for shipping the art. This includes packaging and postage. If you are an artist, you should keep this in mind when you are placing a bid on a canvas. Also, insuring the canvases is cheap and highly recommended.

We recommend any canvases be insured during transit. It's a very modest cost in the long-run. If a painting would happen to get damaged during transit, it would be handled by the artist and buyer based on the courier, shipping method used, insurance (if any), and laws of the state(s). Every state has different laws about which party (buyer/artist) is responsible for the goods during shipment and things are especially complicated during inter-state commerce. Moral of the story, we recommend insuring the painting.

This happens to us all the time. Don't panic, we've got just the thing for you.

We are really sorry about that and we'll do everything that we can to fix it. You could first submit your issue in the feedback form that is accessed from the bottom navigation bar. Otherwise, shoot an email to Walker or Jake. We'll get back to you within 24 hours, probably sooner.

Buyer questions

Anything you want! Canvasmatch really isn't limited to any specific medium. We started out as a platform for oil, acrylic, and watercolor paintings but we are expanding to include many more mediums. The market will give you an idea of what has been done previously but feel free to request something outside the norm.

Yeah. Here are a few to get the creative juices flowing.

  • A family can have their portrait painted
  • A woman could get a replication of Munch's The Scream
  • Somebody could get four paintings; one each to represent earth, wind, fire, and water
  • A hipster can get an impressionist Pabst can
  • An interior designer could commission a unique stained glass window
  • An intellect can get a painting of a dream
  • A spa owner can have a soothing waterfall painted
  • A Heath Ledger fan can get a painting of the Joker
...the possibilities really are endless.

You pay the price that you agree upon with the artist, and nothing more. Canvasmatch does not charge you any fees.

The price per canvas varies wildy based on size, style, quality, and artist pricing. For a glimpse at the prices of previous artwork, look through the finished canvases on the market page.

For more information you could also check out How to price a painting.

If this were to ever occur, it would be handled similar to any other ecommerce transaction. The buyer's money would be refunded and the artist would be required to repay the funds that were received. In this situation, legal action could also be taken against the artist for fraud.

Artist questions

Thanks, we think so too. But that isn't a question. Moving on...

We don't charge you anything up front to use the site. When you get paid for a canvas, we take a fee of 15%.

First we did a heck of a lot of market research. We looked at galleries and found that they typically charge a 50% to 80% commission fee on art; and that's just ridiculous. We also looked at dozens of original art websites and found that it is common for artists to pay a 30% or higher fee to sell art. Next, we asked our initial group of artists what they thought a fair fee was. Lastly, we took a look at what it takes to keep canvasmatch afloat. If our cost-structure changes, we may lower the artist fee.

This issue is at the heart of the canvasmatch model. To combat this we've designed a "communication" page where there is dialog between the buyer and artist as the painting progresses. It's the artist's job to upload photos of their progress (sketch, first coat, etc....). When there is an upload, the buyer is notified so they can log in and check it out. If they don't like something about it they can leave a comment for the artist. Through the "communciation" page, the artist and the buyer can collaborate to create a piece of art that both parties are satisfied with.

We recommend that artists don't begin on the artwork until they have received the initial 30% payment. This helps the artist know that the buyer is committed to the artwork. Once the painting is finished, the artist should wait to ship the painting until they receive the final 70% payment.

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