how canvasmatch works

We've developed a straightforward commissioning process that puts the artist and buyer on the same page to ensure a successful experience. Below you'll find a quick walkthrough of the process.

a new canvas is born

To start the process, a buyer outlines their idea for a new painting and invites artists to bid on the project.

to the market we go

Then, the open canvas is sent to the market where any artist can bid on the project during the bidding phase.

reviewing the bids

Next, the buyer reviews the bids and the artists' portfolios before accepting a final bid for the work.

form an agreement

The artist and buyer complete an agreement and the commissioning process officially begins.

30% initial payment

The buyer provides an address and pays 30% of the agreed price upfront so the artist can get started.

now collaborate!

A communication page is unlocked so the buyer and artist can collaborate as the artwork progresses.

70% final payment

Once the buyer is happy, the final 70% is paid to the artist so the work can be shipped. This concludes the process.

If canvasmatch sounds like your cup of tea, get started here:

Testimonials from actual canvasmatch users

"I was a little apprehensive about commissioning my first piece of art, but canvasmatch was so simple that I needn't have worried. The ability to communicate with the artists throughout the bidding process was wonderful. After selecting my artist, the collaborative process worked outstandingly well.

Everyone involved, from the accepted artist, the unchosen bidders, all the way down to the technical support was very timely and professional. My canvas made for an excellent and well-received gift, and I look forward to commissioning my next piece."

Michael D commissioned Sarah Nations for Mr. Darcy's Proposal as a present for his wife.

"I discovered Canvasmatch one day while reading through blogs and searching for online art communities. I had just graduated college and was looking for a way to get my art out there, but I didn't have enough professional work produced to apply for a traditional gallery (plus I was in the middle of moving). I signed up for Canvasmatch and set up my online portfolio with a link to my web site. The site itself was really easy to navigate, and I was able to search through other artist's profiles to see if my work was a good fit for the atmosphere here.

Bidding on a canvas opportunity was straightforward and professional. I bid on a few canvases, and I received my first Canvasmatch commission in April. Working with a client over the internet was a new experience for me, but the communication page made it easy to discuss our ideas and share progress pictures and updates. I was also impressed with how private and secure the payment process was.
At the end of the day, Canvasmatch has proven to be a successful way to share my art with an audience that may never see most of my work in person (at least not yet!)."

Cat Pope, Artist.

"Working with Canvasmatch was a very enjoyable experience. Seina did an amazing job of taking a few pictures of my kitties and turning them into an incredible piece of art that now hangs on top of our bed."

Kevin Martin commissioned Seina Fowler to create Christmas Kimo as a Christmas gift.

"Canvasmatch has helped me to connect with clients but also to meet great people... I know that when I'm finished the artwork will really mean a lot to someone. [All of my canvases have] turned out great and there were many very happy customers. I've even found new topics that I really enjoy painting as a result.

Usually on art websites you have to pay for a membership and as an artist I would have to pay to upload samples, the more samples the higher the price, but canvasmatch makes it so much easier. It is all in all very user-friendly."

Sarah Nations, Artist.

Still have questions? Check out the FAQ page for answers.