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gift for my bestfriend
Yin yang couples
King Fish

Matty T
Dumbledore Quote

cover art for tattoo book
Floral painting

"Photo Realistic" Oil Painting
Full body nude portrait
geometric freedom
My parents dogs in classic garb

me and my 2 roomates in a larger than life setting towering over the lower east side in manhatte
Quercia d'oro
Grant And Hasti

Family Pic
Myself as ballerina
6 aircraft related sculpture sketches
Zorba's Cafe

Superhero picture - with dogs
Byerly Coat of Arms
Superhero Rainbow!
illustrated bear, turtle and duck

Snowy Night
Girl and Dog Watercolor
Old Friends

A crowd watches a stage
Swing Life Away
Cinque terre impression

Your favourite things
An Oasis in Manchester
3 words on a blank canvas
Abstract oversized painting

wedding crashers celebration painting
Isaiah 30:15
Wayne Dyer Wake Quote
Galactic Portrait

blue whale and macaw parrot
Munk Moritz
Cat in the city

Parents 40 Years Ago
Lightning bug engagement
Mermaid Love from the dark octopus

Dreams Come True
chief canvas
where we met

a sexy sugar skull girl vaping
animal paws
Maxed Out

Blue dog + jingles
brother taking a bull by the horns
Flags merging

Bob Stevens
Dog as astronaut in NASA portrait
Large circle in the middle of a white canvas.
Copy an original

A quirky drawing of us and our dog
Mike Tyson Portrat
Woodstock Barn

Michigan Print
Wedding Submarine
Custom Shot from The Princess Bride

A crooked arrow
Brand New album art
Hunter S. Thompson reading

I like you
Cloud and Poison Stedman style

White Lion

The Barn
Copy of bambi painting of Kim kardashian but of my wife
Wooded Path in Winter
Anniversary Gift

The Red Arrows
calvin & hobbes
Abstract portrait of pet Rat
Bull by the Horns

Home and Plane at Night
El Mariachi or Desperado
Nighthawks with an anteater

Sisters in Silhouette
neutral colored abstract
SC Spiking
Me in an action military portrait

macaroni and cheese Turkey
Southern France
Memorial Airplane/Floral Collab.
la chat qui rit as a vintage french poster

Trastevere Print (Rome)
Power of Words - Angelou Abstract
Religious themed

Shel Silverstein's 'Masks'
A cat
Buy high, sell low and please tame the bull
Friend as a COG soldier from GOW

dancing fairy
Lion and cub in grass
Mortal Ocean

Chau chi lan tsu tsa tsa
Cassini the Sideways World
Passenger Seat
Queen Elinor/Fergus from Brave

Epic Zelda OOT Painting
Lambeau Field
Chicago Drake hotel and gazebo
Parents on Wedding Day

eternal sunshine scene
Snowy Scene with Friesian
Abstract Lines
Public Defender Dungeon

Portrait of brother as Darth Vader
pic of my wife, myself, and dogs
Streets of New York
Furry Children

Meet the Medic
Greek Goddess
Union Terrace

Live Jazz at Preservation Hall
House in the Woods
Painting of a Beach
Aidan as the Duke of Wellington.

Surrealist Apple
Figure 1
Couple in the woods
Christmas Kimo

Large Female Nude
Sailing to the moon
Mr. Darcy's Proposal
Flower: Abstract

I'll take one art, please
Adventure Time
Old Oak Tree

Still Life of Fruit
Coffee Cup

Abstract Bedroom Painting
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