create a new canvas

keep these in mind:

Brush up on basic art styles by reviewing the art section before getting started.

Be as specific as possible. This will help guide artists' bids and save on questions.

Indicate what level of creative freedom you would like the artists to take.

If you refer to a specific image, either upload a copy or include a link to the image in the description

Don't create a canvas if you want an EXACT replica of something; just buy a print instead


what to expect:

Timeframe: Canvases generally take 3 - 6 weeks from birth to arrival at your front door. The timeframe varies widely depending on the how quickly an artist is selected, the size of the canvas, the medium used, and the shipping method chosen by the artist.

Quality: You select the artist, therefore you get to set your own expectations for the quality of the final product.

Price: Artists calculate their bids differently. Price will vary widely based on canvas size, time required to complete the canvas, and level of detail requested. Check out the market to get a feel for pricing.

review some examples:

Christmas Kimo

A Christmas rendition of a buyer's cats

Sailing to the moon

A buyer's dream brought to life by an artist

Mr. Darcy's Proposal

A scene from "Pride and Prejudice"

I'll take one art, please

An open ended and earthy 3-canvas piece


An abstract painting of ...

House in the woods

A gift for parent's anniversity

   1) Basic information

Canvas name:

Canvas size:

Canvas colors:

Attach an image:

A few pointers

Canvas name has a 35 character limit. Choose a concise and relevant title.

For size you can use an exact size (if known) or general size/shape.

Let the artist know about specific color schemes or colors to avoid.

An image is not required, but is encouraged. You can add additional images later.

Canvas description:

Describe the subject matter of the piece, the background of it, the mood, the perspective, how you want it to look, some specific elements you would like to see or not like to see, etc. This can be edited later.

   2) Style Information

Artistic style:

Style summary

Art medium:

Medium summary

   3) Shipping Information

Destination city/state:

Needed by:

This will help artists build an approximate shipping cost into their bids while keeping creepy internet stalkers from knowing your exact address.

A timeframe will help artists select projects according to their availability.

The next step is to create an account (or login if you already have one).

this will first save your canvas and then redirect you to invite some artists!