"art transcends language"

Walker Richardson

Walker Richardson is an artist that joined the canvasmatch community on July 22, 2011.
Favorite color is #9d261d.

Self Portrait
Vector drawing

House in the Woods has been Finished.

Surrealist Apple has been Finished.

Old Oak Tree has been Finished.

Coffee Cup has been Finished.

Artistic Philosophy:

Art is something that should be a part of everybody's lives. Empty walls are boring and are a curable disease.

More about user:

I've been into graphic design for a long time now. I have no experience painting with traditional mediums, all my work has been on the computer created in either Flash, After Effects or Illustrator. I'm not talented enough to work with my hands, I'd rather use a mouse. I can create vector portraits, logos, websites, animations, typography and other things like that. Please don't ask me to bid on your work, I'm just signed up as an artist for testing the website!

Realism, Expressionism,
Acrylic, Color Pencil,

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