"Art is creative and messy"


collegechristopher90 is an artist that joined the canvasmatch community on March 08, 2012.
Favorite color is Green.

Awww, the gallery is blank.

no canvases started, yet.

Artistic Philosophy:

Art is fun and should never be taken too seriously. As soon as art becomes stressful it has lost its meaning. Art is a way to portray thoughts and feelings when words are not enough. Art is a way to capture moments as you experience them.

More about user:

Some basic art classes in college and free time. I love charcoal, as it allows me to shade and blend to my hearts content! I currently have one piece on display at my church. It consist of three consecutive sketches mounted a couple inches off of a painted and textured background. I love to experiment and try new mediums though!

Realism, Abstraction, Abstract,

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