"Exploring the Zen of Stained Glass Art"


ZenGlassArt is an artist that joined the canvasmatch community on April 21, 2012.
Favorite color is purple.

dalle/slab stained glass on glass mosaic panel/window
(must see to appreciate)
this one....very zen....stained glass on glass
"Still Teaching"
OAS Gallery, Madison, WI

"Purple Passion" on display at OAS Gallery
I can't stop teaching...
stained glass on glass mosaic window (sold)
"Don Quixote"
dalle de verre - using slab stained glass, sheet glass, frit, sand, pebbles, on very old refurbished window (for sale)

"Tree of Life"
5ft. transom/window (2012 commission)
"Agony - Ecstasy"
2012 stained glass on glass mosaic window using 100+ yrs. old refurbished window (for sale)
Electric Earth Cafe Art Exhibit 2011, Madison, WI
These are just a few of my stained glass mosaic windows. Some are still for sale.

no canvases started, yet.

Artistic Philosophy:

I use stained glass and mixed media to explore the question: What is Zen Art? Thus, my art often suggests such themes as solitude, compassion, non-attachment, higher consciousness, humility, playfullness, and mystery. My technique is somewhat unusual and non-traditional in that I assemble stained glass on glass mosaics, often using refurbished windows as a base.
I also create lead-free stained glass panels, sculptures, and dalle de verre (thick/slab stained glass mosaic windows).
As with most/all artists, my work is a never-ending search for my true self, and I find stained glass to be the perfect medium for my personal journey. The colors I discover are amazing and unique.

More about user:

Most of my first creative energies were used to write (I am a published author and retired Ph.D.). In 2001 I became permanently disabled, and I've been exploring various types of glass art as a therapy for pain management and mental stability. I have completed five different stained glass art courses/workshops, but was dissatisfied with traditional stained glass art. In 2008 I developed a healthier, lead-free technique for making stained glass panels/windows. I've been in numerous Art Shows here in Madison (including Art Fair on the Square 2010, 2011), and frequently work with VSA-Wisconsin (for disabled artists) as my sponsor. In addition to the sales from various Art Shows, I've had two commissioned projects here in Madison, and one that was sent to a home in Florida. I recently won the Viewer's Choice Award at the 2012 VSA-Wisconsin Art Show.
You can find a second, extensive, photo gallery of my Zen Glass Art at flickr.com:
Enjoy!! --ron wendt r_wendt@yahoo.com

Impressionism, Expressionism, Abstract,

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