The subject matter components of surrealist art are sometimes extremely realistic and on other occasions they depict abstract interpretations of the objects they portray.

One key feature of surrealist art is its thought provoking, ironic, emotional, or dreamlike nature. This is typically achieved by distorting the figures themselves or by associating figures in unnatural arrangements

All media are used for surrealist paintings and the colors are typically realistic.


Salvador Dali
Joan Miro
Max Ernst
Giorgio de Chirico Ernst
Rene Magritte
Yves Tanguy
M. C. Escher
Paul Delvaux


Figurative Surrealism
Abstract Surrealism



The Elephant Celebes by Ernst (1921)

The temptation of St Anthony by Dali (1947)

The Treachery of Images by Magritte (1929)

The village of the sirens by Delvaux (1942)

Still life and street by Escher (1937)

The palace of windows at the rocks by Tanguy (1942)

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