Why Commission Art?

28 March 2012
by jake gafner

Commissioned art has long been associated with a display of wealth, power, and refined taste. Governments commission statues, Kings hired exclusive painters, and prestigious universities commission portraits of their founders. Thousands of years ago it was happening and it is still happening today. But, commissioning artwork is not limited to the upper echelon of society. Anybody that loves art can commission a piece. If you are new to commissioning, here are a few reasons that you should jump in.

1. It's fun

You should commission art because it is fun. It's exciting to see a real artist turn your idea into a tangible piece of art. It gives you a chance to make a personal connection with an artist and work with them toward a final product that you are both happy with.

2. Partake in the creative process

Commissioning art lets you join in on the creative process. The artist will draw, paint, sculpt, and mold based on your input. You choose the colors and styles, then the artist will inject their creativity. If you are imaginative, but not artistic, commissioning allows you to join in on the fun.

3. It makes a great gift

It makes for an awesome gift. Art is a luxury good and luxuries make great gifts. But even better is personalized art. If you can give somebody a piece of art that caters to their style, brings back a good memory, or immortalizes their favorite pet, they won't forget about it or who gave it to them. You can bet that they won't be re-gifting it either.

4. You can get exactly what you want

When you walk into a gallery, your options are limited. And if you are trying to find a specific painting to match your living room motif, you may be out of luck. Commissioning a painting allows you to get exactly what you want. If you want a piece of art that matches your style, your mood, or your room's aura, commissioning is the way to go.

5. Nobody has a copy

Nobody in the world has it. There are no copies, people cannot buy prints, and it will never lose value due to duplication or overproduction. You will never walk into somebody else's living room only to find out that they have the same piece of art as you. We think that's pretty cool.

6. It has more meaning

Personalized artwork has more meaning. Artwork is an investment. It does not wear out and good art never goes out of style. It should be a source of pride. Therefore, you want a piece of art that you have a personal connection with. You should show it off proudly.

There will always be a time and place for buying art from galleries. Sometimes you may prefer art that was made based solely on the artist's creative freedom and their unique inspiration. After all, that is why they are artists. But the next time you are in the market for some art, instead consider having something made for you. It will be worth it.